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Chantelle Fox is a skinny brunette girl. She has long dark hair, skinny arms and a pretty face. Despite being slim, Chantelle Fox has large tits and a nice round ass. Here she is on her hands and knees on a striped purpled bed. The black top that she is wearing is now down to her stomach so we can see her big breasts juggling. Chantelle Fox has tattoos on her left arm and left leg. She is wearing black stockings on her legs and black Mary Jane high-heeled shoes on her feet. The guy she is with is fucking her dogstyle.

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A sexy escort named Peaches is a girl with long black hair with bangs. She is known for her pretty face and amazing skills at giving a blowjob. Here we see Peaches leaning forward with her right hand holding a long pink cock and her tongue licking the head. From this view we can also see that Peaches has a pair of nice big tits. We’d like to know if Peaches is really as good as we imagine her to be. Show us what you’ve got pretty Peaches.

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